Support a Child to Go Back to School

Support a Child to Go Back to School

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Imagine the reward of building a classroom in a rural area of Bangladesh where children have no opportunity to go to school, this campaign can help you achieve this…

Make the most of this opportunity and let your donation last a life with Mercy on Earth

Supporting one child’s education has a « multiplayer effect »when you support a child you encourage them to study, be a good person, able to secure their future, and be aware of the importance of education for themselves and for future generations. You can break the cycle of poverty by educating them.

A class room costs just one thousand dollars and can give children a good place to study and build a bright future….

Because of poverty the children are moving to earn money and some others are involving With crime, politicians are abusing children to make crimes which make the whole country unrest and insecure…

So Mercy On Earth decided to bring them back to school thus they can be good and gentle human beings and also will decrease crime.

Mercy On Earth organization needs your support to help those children start or continue their education by establishing classrooms and providing study materials.

What if they don’t complete their education?

The vulnerability of school -age children with no access to learning opportunities has increased over the last 30 years in Bangladesh, putting children at higher risk of being exposed to exploitation, abuse, rights violations, early marriages, child labor and extremism.



33 million children in Bangladesh – about half of all Bangladeshi children – are living in poverty while about one in four children is deprived of at least four basic needs among the following: food, education, health, information, shelter, water and sanitation. These findings were presented today at the launch of the UNICEF Study on Child Poverty and Disparities in Bangladesh.

So Mercy On Earth is a humanitarian organization whose objective to ensure the rights of children.

You know that most of people are living in poverty thus they are deprived from their basic needs. The children should go to school while they are working in a workshop or tea stall which is really a curse of us, while we are living a standard life having and enjoying all well in our life. So mercy on earth is trying to bring them back to school by providing every Kind of help they need.

We will provide school dresses and books if they need we will ensure their food as well.

Mercy on earth is requesting to all supporters to participate in this noble work thus we can see a better future for this world and share happiness together with each other.

We are planning to raise 20000 thousand euros for this project and aiming to serve 200 children to ensure their going back to school.

We will provide school dresses and study materials as well as food if someone really needs it.

Thank you so much for your support.

Mercy On Earth